Sewer and Septic Installation Sedona

Sewer and Septic Installation Sedona

Sewer Hookups

As a full-service demolition, excavation and site preparation company, Reay Brothers excavation takes care to lay the sewer or septic lines that may be a part of your new building. Whether it’s residential or commercial in scale, laying the sewer lines from a building to the municipal plumbing is a heavy-duty job.

  • Planning Before anything can happen we work with engineers and site managers to make sure the digging makes sense and everything is going exactly where it’s needed.
  • Trench Excavation After the plans have been finalized, we begin the process of carving out the sewer lines in the dirt. These trenches will house the lines and determine an important dimension of the building’s blueprint. Needless to say, this step is as important to get right as grading.
  • InstallationThe final step of the demolition and excavation process is one of the first steps of building, laying the sewer lines. After the trenches have been dug, our crew will install the sewer lines with precision. After that, the building’s plumbing will be ready for it’s hook-up.

Whether it’s a brand-new system or one following one of our first-class demolitions, installing the sewer system is as important and as permanent as putting in a new foundation. Reay Brothers Excavation makes sure it’s done right.

Post-Demolition Sewer Installation

After we’ve completed the demolition of your building, we take the steps needed to get your sewer lines put in place. Because plumbing will also be removed in most demolitions, builders may be left with outdated, redundant or inefficient trenches in need of new excavation.

Septic Installation

Got an off-the-grid building that will be going septic? Reay Brothers Excavation also lays the groundwork for complete septic system installation. As a building’s personal water treatment plant, septic usually means one thing when it comes to site preparation – digging, lots of digging.

Reay Brothers has excavated numerous in-earth septic treatment systems and understands the scope of the job intimately. For a precision-laid septic system right where you need it, our crew is standing by ready to go.
Pipe Trench Sedona

Sewer and Septic Installation For Sedona

With over 50 years of getting dirty, our sewer and septic installation methods are second to none in Sedona.

For every system we put in place, our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. If our experience and commitment to our customers weren’t enough, we are recognized members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

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