Road & Lot Grading Sedona

Road & Lot Grading

As the next step to excavation, we grade the site to get it build-ready.

Predictable Grading

Our sites are prepared to a tee. After we’ve dug what we need to dig, we carefully grade the lot to make sure it’s ready for what comes next.

Precision Metrics

Working closely with site managers, we guarantee a site that leaves everything exactly where it’s wanted.

Clean Slate

Whether it’s a road or lot grading, we create ready-to-go sites that look like they’ve always been there.


For any site in need of precision grading, Reay Brothers Excavation can smooth things out.

Road & Lot Grading Sedona

Full-Service Site Preparation

Reay Brothers Excavation handles every phase of site preparation. Our team works closely with yours to guarantee your site is ready for work. Here’s how we do it:

  • Any size excavation.
  • Residential and commercial demolition.
  • Structure decommissioning and build preparation
  • Land clearing and clean up
  • Excavation preparation
  • Haul-outs
  • Utility and rock installation.
  • Delivery of landscaping or hardscaping materials.
  • Sewer/septic main installation.

All of our sites are designed for maximum, code-compliant utility that is guaranteed to bring the bedrock functionality that lies at the core of any construction site.

Every major construction project depends on grading done right. Without it, the site falls apart. As a pre-foundation service for a building, choosing the wrong company for the job immediately sets a project off-course. Not only can it result in exorbitant costs, missed deadlines, it could also lead to dangerous structural hazards down the road. Needless to say,experience matters.

Reay Brothers Excavation specializes in commercial and residential grading of any scope. All of our services are guaranteed and like our reputation, our work is something you can stake your foundation on.

Site Preparation Sedona

Leveling the Playing Field In Sedona

With over 50 years in the business and hundreds of jobs done right, the Reay family has seen just about everything when it comes to site excavation. When it comes to grading our approach is to double-check our plans, keep communication open, and make sure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Our approach to 100% customer satisfaction for every job we do means that your site is never in any danger of being mishandled, or misgraded.

For grading you can count on, call Reay Brothers Excavation for a free estimate and site evaluation.