Excavation Sedona

Proper land grading can mean the difference between a successful construction project and no project at all.

Our experts have years of experience working on both large & small scale projects, helping developers & home owners prepare land for construction or landscaping projects.

“It is great working with guys who know what they are doing. I didn’t have to spell everything out for them.
I appreciate your professionalism and speed.”
-Chris, Sedona

Decorative Rock

Decorative Rock

Road & Lot Grading

Road & Lot Grading

Local Excavation in Sedona

Excavation Sedona
In more ways than one, Reay Brothers Excavation is a company built on the dirt of Sedona. Our excavation team has decades of experience planning, digging, and executing custom excavation of any size, including:

  • Any size excavation.
  • Residential and commercial demolition.
  • Structure decommissioning and build preparation
  • Land clearing and clean up
  • Excavation preparation
  • Haul-outs
  • Utility and rock installation.
  • Delivery of landscaping or hardscaping materials.
  • Sewer/septic main installation.

For start to finish excavation in Sedona, look no further than Reay Brothers Excavation.

Pre-Site Specialists

Just about every construction project begins with excavation. Without it, the work can’t begin. What’s more is that as a pre-foundation service for a building, choosing the wrong company for the job can result in exorbitant costs, missed deadlines and even structural hazards. Needless to say, you want to make sure you hire experienced professionals to do the job right the first time.

Reay Brothers Excavation specializes in commercial and residential excavations of any size. From land clearing and grading, to trench excavation and site preparation, our excavation services are ones you can stake your foundation on.

Our approach to excavation is three-fold:

Get It Done On Time

As the catalyst for building, all of our excavations are time-sensitive. As soon as the planning is complete, the clock is ticking. This collaborative approach means our role fits in seamlessly with the project life cycle.

Get It Done Right

With adequate planning, our excavations are done right and leave the project ready for the next steps. We know that because we’ve our homework, site excavation isn’t a part of the process you’ll have to worry about.

Get It Done Once

Our excavations are predictable. By measuring twice and digging once, our crew knows that what they’re doing it right the first time, every time.

Site Excavators Sedona

Excavation Excellence

Reay Brothers Excavation has been in the dirt, excavation, demolition and site preparation business for over fifty years. Because of our expertise, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for every site we work on.

Get the show on the road. For excavation services you can stake your foundation on, call Reay Brothers Excavation for a free estimate today.


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